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MUMC Kids Update

MUMC Kids Update

Spreading the Good News came in the form of cookie dough and sprinkles on Sunday when our Sunday School students grades pre-k through 5th grade took part in our third church wide event.

 The children participated the preparation of “care packages” for our college students by baking cookies.  It was quite a sight to see the children taking turns cutting out the cookies in various shapes, decorating them and making cards to go along with the goodies.

Our fearless leader, Jean Stubaus kept the operation moving while encouraging the children in their creativity.  Sunday School teachers and parent volunteers assisted where needed and Sonya Burroughs was the official “time keeper” ensuring all the cookies were baked to perfection.

And so, the little children continue to lead us in putting words into action and showing our church family that they are loved.

Sunday School meets every week 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. with programs for ages Pre-k through high school.



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